Friday, July 10, 2020

Blood Plasma: Peter Jaworski vs. the Hired Guns at Bloodwatch

My colleague Peter Jaworski has been leading the charge to change Canada's policies on blood collection, in particular, on whether Canadians can be paid for their blood plasma. 

Along the way, he's getting attacked by various intellectual prostitutes at an astroturf organization called "Bloodwatch", which describes itself as being all about public safety, but which actively lies to the public about the safety of paid plasma. They have never complained bout imports from the United States. They pushed for a law against paid plasma, but in fact, it was only a law that prevented Canadians from getting paid. This law protects certain Canadian jobs against competition. 

Peter makes clear how absurd their position is. They claim that it is wrong, exploitative, unsafe, and whatnot to pay Canadians for blood plasma. So, what does Canada do? It imports almost all (84%) of the blood plasma it needs from...wait for it...paid plasma "donors" in the United States.

Jesus Christ. These people are like Ayn Rand villains. I would find this implausible if I read it in one of her novels, yet here they are, real people, utterly without shame. 

They're also attacking him (see Twitter) for, I guess, having some sort of connection with Cato, even though he has... wait for it... published extensively on this issue in the very best peer-reviewed outlets.

Voltaire famously prayed for God to make his enemies ridiculous. Peter has no need for such a prayer.